• Unemployment Unemployment 27 million unemployed men and women in the EU (October 2013). Numbers have gone up since 2012 I did not vote for this! Act
  • Data protection Data protection 43% of internet users say they’re asked to reveal more personal data than necessary I did not vote for this! Act
  • Citizen mobility Citizen mobility Almost 17 million EU citizens are Intra-European Migrants. Are you one of these citizens? I did not vote for this! Act
  • Data protection Data protection 70% of Europeans are concerned that their personal data might be misused I did not vote for this! Act
  • Unemployment Unemployment Youth unemployment 23.7 % in the EU-28 (October 2013). The rates for youth unemployment are much higher than unemployment rates for all ages I did not vote for this! Act
  • Data protection Data protection 90% of Europeans want the same data rights across the EU I did not vote for this! Act

I am annoyed of sharing my opinion without it being accounted for!

I am  exhausted of being constantly excluded from major decisions.

HERE you discuss about what’s important for YOU and WE will forward it without censorship to the EU Italian Presidency in 2014.

About the initiative

We believe that voting is a hard won right that we should not neglect, as it gives us the opportunity to be part of the decision making process and decide who will be representing us. In this highly democratic process, every vote counts.


We also defend the undeniable human right of the freedom of speech.  Only if we exercise this very right, we avoid letting a small minority decide on our behalf and determine our future.


For the first time since their conception EU elections saw an increase in turnout. The other novelty of these elections is the surge of euro sceptic parties. This demonstrates the citizens’ general loss of faith in the EU institutions. The EU is considered too disconnected from citizens’ real issues and often fails to listen to them. The ongoing economic crisis combined with an institutional deadlock is setting a rather pessimistic picture of the EU today.


However each problem has its solution. In this case we believe that citizen participation could really contribute bring closer European citizens with their leaders. We believe in the power of people. If they are informed and if they understand what’s at stake, they will make a change. They always have!


We are a politically neutral initiative that aims to count the voters’ intentions in all 28 Member States of EU, to initiate a dialogue among them in major issues that concern them and to become the medium that will bring the results of the debates to the attention of the Italian Presidency, without censoring. So, this initiative doesn’t end with the elections. It actually becomes even more relevant after the elections results! We will make sure that your ideas and concerns, as expressed in the online discussions –without any interference-, will be gathered and delivered in an official report to the Italian Presidency in September 2014. This way you will contribute to the creation of the new Europe and your voice will be a part of it!

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